Phil Ivey fights the charges in baccarat scandal

When you are a prominent poker player and widely regarded as one of the best professionals in the world, you would expect to spend a lot of time in the spotlight. This of course happens to Phil Ivey on a daily basis and he is quite used to handling the pressure, but this time he is in the news for an entirely different reason. Those who follow him closely now that Phil is just as good as baccarat as he is at poker, with the best proof being that he won a lot of money at nosebleed limits.equipecasino

Unlike poker where he chooses to compete mostly over the Internet, Ivey is mostly playing baccarat in live casinos, such as Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. The owners of this fine establishment had nothing against Phil playing here, despite the fact that he was mired in a scandal with Crockfords Casino in London. Those who don’t remember the facts, should know that the casino refused to pay him an amount revolving around $10 million in 2013, following cheating allegations.

The case is quite complicated and justice is yet to reach a definitive conclusion, but meanwhile Phil Ivey has a brand-new set of problems to deal with. Borgata Hotel Casino found itself in a big hole, after the poker professional won in excess of $8 million and refused to pay him. They realize that Ivey was aware of a significant flaw in the deck of cards used during the baccarat game and he used that to his advantage, to offset the house edge.

The casino is using terms such as edge sorting to explain how it was possible for him to crush the tables and are willing to go to court to prove that they are wrong. On the other hand Phil Ivey has no intention to back down and is quite optimistic in his chances to emerge victorious from this new scandal. Fellow poker players and most of those who gamble over the Internet and the land-based casinos joined him and accused Borgata for unethical behavior.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement was not consulted prior to Phil Ivey entering the casino, because the owners didn’t expect him to take advantage of that critical flaw. Now they need to fight a war on two fronts, because on one hand they are taking Phil to court, on the other they try to persuade gaming card manufacturer Gemaco to pay compensations. This is not the first time that the Atlantic City casino runs into trouble this year, with a comprehensive article about their seemingly endless struggle being available at

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