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BetVictor introduces Game of Thrones slots

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Those who appreciate fine TV shows, are familiar with the Game of Thrones and many are anxiously waiting for the show to resume in April. Meanwhile, online casino players who enjoy spending their time spinning the reels of the latest slot machines, will have a pleasant surprise at BetVictor. The online gambling operator has recently released a brand-new game inspired by the celebrated franchise and in order to draw awareness to this promotion, it is willing to award players 25 free spins.index

Not surprisingly, the spins are aimed exclusively at those who are willing to spend all their time playing the selected game. On the bright side, whatever they make as a result of redeeming these free spins, the players keep and the money can be used on any games in their online offer. There are no strings attached, except for the basic requirement of depositing at least €50 and wagering the same amount on the designated slot machine.

It is not exactly a burden for online casino players who enjoy spending their time in this manner, so the free spins will be regarded mostly as a bonus. The game itself is not only man’s entertaining but also very profitable because it has 243 winning combinations. Those who stick around for long enough will have their free spins doubled and won’t be restricted from participating in other promotions running live at BetVictor. It is even possible to cash in on the welcome bonus and still be eligible for the free spins.

In addition to the sheer entertainment of playing this game and the fact that players can spin the reels for free, there are a couple of special prizes awaiting players. The promotion began at the beginning of the month and will conclude one week from now with the lucky winners collecting money but also memorabilia and branded merchandise. Regardless of the amount invested everyone has the same chances of winning a prize, so highrollers and beginners alike will be competing in a very fair game.

Those who are wondering what exactly is up for grabs if they participate in this promotion, should know that there are five distinct prizes, as you can see below:

1st Game of Thrones Season 1-3 DVD Boxset, Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Collection, Games of Thrones Hand of the King Metal Pin, Game of Thrones Playing Cards
2nd Game of Thrones Season 1-3 DVD Boxset, Game of Thrones Playing Cards
3rd Game of Thrones Season 1-3 DVD Boxset, Game of Thrones Playing Cards
4th Game of Thrones Season 1-3 DVD Boxset, Game of Thrones Playing Cards
5th Game of Thrones Season 1-3 DVD Boxset, Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Bet365 Casino unveils the Marvellous Marvel Bonus

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Bet365 has the reputation of offering some of the best betting opportunities for punters, but the online gambling group also has a lucrative casino. October is a special month for those who are willing to take a leap of faith with their games, especially those who are big fans of the Marvel comics. Throughout the month, players will have their deposits matched by 100%, without exceeding €100, by taking advantage of the Marvellous Marvel Bonus.

equipecasino has announced the new campaign at the beginning of October and it will conclude on November 1. There is still enough time to cash in on this lucrative opportunity, with the only requirement being to transfer or deposit €25 to the casino section. Bet365 has a convenient unique quality, that players can use for all their gambling activities and there are no commissions for transferring cash from poker to sports or casino.

There are several MARVEL bonus codes to redeem depending on how much money players are willing to deposit and also a couple of games inspired by the famous franchise that are eligible. Iron Man 3, Spider-Man and The Avengers are the ones that that qualify for this campaign, so players should spin the reels until Saturday night when the window of opportunity closes. Another thing to keep in mind is that players make sure that they have less than €10 in their casino account when they make the deposit, to qualify.

The wagering requirements are supposed to be met within the next seven days, which should be plenty of time for dedicated players. It is essential to play both the bonus and the deposit 25 times on any game inspired by the Marvel comics, with these being the eligible ones: Blade, Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Punisher War Zone, Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Wolverine and X-Men.

While players can use the money to play any other games in their offer, they will not count towards the wagering requirements, something that players should keep in mind. The promotion will conclude at the end of the month and within the first week of November all the wagering requirements should be met, for the bonus to be cleared. Those who fail to do this, will have the bonus removed and the same will apply to all the profits made as a result of using the bonus amount.

Slots pay well this September at Mr Green Casino

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

It is no surprise that the vast majority of those who make the transition from land-based casinos to online ones are big fans of slot machines. Nowadays that technology makes it possible to import all those popular titles and tweak them in such a manner that they are playable on both desktops and mobile devices, the number of fans is on the rise. Mr Green Casino is a great place for those who enjoy the genre and September seems to be the best possible month for these players.equipe

With one week left, players should know that all the games created by IGT, which is the software developer powering Mr Green Casino will trigger boosted payouts. The promotion goes by the name of CASH Coaster Ride and there is still time left take advantage of it, so check out the terms and conditions. New and existing members should know that they only need to deposit and wager an amount of €10 to qualify for a potential payout of €15000.

This is a lot of money by online casino standards and the fact that this applies to regular slot games as opposed to those carrying progressive jackpots is even more impressive. Each time players invest the minimum eligible amount of €10, they will be provided with a ticket for the main raffle. The more tickets one accumulates, the better the chances are for him to emerge victorious, so it makes perfect sense to get fully involved in this promotion. Spinning the wheels of the popular Cash coaster slot game is the other requirements, as players are supposed to be as active as they can.

There is another slot machine that is worth considering this week and it is called Attraction, with Mr Green Casino running a special tournament. A total of €2000 are available in cash prizes and they will be split among the most successful players, more precisely those who make a deep run in this tournament. Once again, the rules are straightforward as players are only supposed to spin their wheels and hope that they have the best winning percentage over 20 consecutive spins.

Those who finish at the top of the food chain will collect a total of €1000, why the runner-up will receive €500. The amount is once again halved as the third place will have to settle for €250, while the one who finishes just short of the podium will claim €150. Last but definitely not least, the player finishing in the fifth-place will take home a consolation prize of €100, which is pretty good given the fact that the minimum qualifying stake per spin is of only €0.20.

Bet365 Casino unveils its latest cashback offer

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

There has never been a shortage of promotions and Bet365 Casino which can easily be explained by the fact that the online gambling company runs a poker room and bookmakers in addition to its online casino. Freebies are a welcomed addition in all their forms, but whenever the house offers the chance of the players to recuperate a portion of their losses, the latter have good reasons to rejoice.equipecasino

Throughout August, those who have an account with the aforementioned casino will receive 25% cash back on the rake charged. If you happen to lose money while playing online casino games here, you will get an amount of as much as $250 back. This is the maximum sum that can be reimbursed, but there are no limitations regarding the type of casino games that players can enjoy. Add to this the fact that members don’t have to add any bonus code or opt in for the promotion and it is fair to assume that the cashback offer is going to be extremely popular.

Successful players or those who enjoy a lucky streak will not benefit from this campaign, as it is aimed precisely at alleviating the losses of those going through a rough stretch. This doesn’t mean that they have any reasons to be upset, because in the end what really matters is to make profit while enjoying your favorite games over the Internet. Knowing that you have a safety net ready to catch you when you fall and protect your bankroll is refreshing and serves as an incentive for players to play at higher stakes.

As always, players should be aware that there are some exceptions to the rule with baccarat and live roulette being among the excluded games. This means that those who choose to play at any of these games shouldn’t expect to have their losses reimbursed at all. On the bright side, Bet365 Casino has hundreds of other titles that make players eligible for the cashback offer, as long as they deposit a minimum amount of €50 in their online casino account.

There are no hidden fees and the transactions are absolutely free, so moving money from one section to the other won’t incur extra charges. With some of the biggest European leagues set to resume this month, it pays off to have an account with Bet365, because when the wagering requirements have been cleared, players can use the money to bet on sports as well.

Phil Ivey fights the charges in baccarat scandal

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

When you are a prominent poker player and widely regarded as one of the best professionals in the world, you would expect to spend a lot of time in the spotlight. This of course happens to Phil Ivey on a daily basis and he is quite used to handling the pressure, but this time he is in the news for an entirely different reason. Those who follow him closely now that Phil is just as good as baccarat as he is at poker, with the best proof being that he won a lot of money at nosebleed limits.equipecasino

Unlike poker where he chooses to compete mostly over the Internet, Ivey is mostly playing baccarat in live casinos, such as Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. The owners of this fine establishment had nothing against Phil playing here, despite the fact that he was mired in a scandal with Crockfords Casino in London. Those who don’t remember the facts, should know that the casino refused to pay him an amount revolving around $10 million in 2013, following cheating allegations.

The case is quite complicated and justice is yet to reach a definitive conclusion, but meanwhile Phil Ivey has a brand-new set of problems to deal with. Borgata Hotel Casino found itself in a big hole, after the poker professional won in excess of $8 million and refused to pay him. They realize that Ivey was aware of a significant flaw in the deck of cards used during the baccarat game and he used that to his advantage, to offset the house edge.

The casino is using terms such as edge sorting to explain how it was possible for him to crush the tables and are willing to go to court to prove that they are wrong. On the other hand Phil Ivey has no intention to back down and is quite optimistic in his chances to emerge victorious from this new scandal. Fellow poker players and most of those who gamble over the Internet and the land-based casinos joined him and accused Borgata for unethical behavior.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement was not consulted prior to Phil Ivey entering the casino, because the owners didn’t expect him to take advantage of that critical flaw. Now they need to fight a war on two fronts, because on one hand they are taking Phil to court, on the other they try to persuade gaming card manufacturer Gemaco to pay compensations. This is not the first time that the Atlantic City casino runs into trouble this year, with a comprehensive article about their seemingly endless struggle being available at

BetVictor kick-starts the Avalon II £5,000 Cash Race

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Avalon II is one of the slot games that doesn’t need a comprehensive presentation, because it is based on the tremendous success of his predecessors. The original title had plenty of fans and the fact that it provided them with the opportunity to compete for a progressive jackpot greatly enhanced its appeal. It came as no surprise that the developers decided to advance in the same direction and release a title that builds on the success of the previous installment.Avalon II £5,000 Cash Race

In order to maximize the success of its latest addition and to enhance the number of players who choose to spend time competing over the Internet, BetVictor kick-starts the Avalon II £5,000 Cash Race. The name of this promotion leaves very few doubts about its final purpose, with a four digit amount to be awarded at the end of the campaign. It definitely helps that this is the online casino where the slots was first introduced, because players already got the chance to take a jab at it.

£5,000 is not exactly a lot of money if it has to be divided among several players, but fortunately it won’t be the case here. We will have a single winner for this particular campaign, so this is a classic case of winner takes it all. While there will be a single player claiming the entire amount, there are three distinct ways to get involved in this race and all of them are just as easy to follow. Those who were lucky to hit the winning combination will also need to take a screenshot and provide it to the customer support.

The campaign dedicated to the Avalon II slot game is special to say the least, but it represents just a fraction of the money awarded by BetVictor this summer. All those who open a new account with the aforementioned online casino will get the chance to collect a real cash prize starting at £5 and going all the way up to £3,000. The beauty of this promotion is that everything is completely random, so regardless of the amount invested and wagered players have the same chance to win a prize.

Basically all the games available in both mobile and traditional formats qualify for this campaign, but not all of them have the same conversion ratio. As always, slot games are the ones that will be preferred by those who strive to speed up the process, but table games and the ever popular game of roulette will have its fair share of fans. Points are generated by simply playing the game of choice but also by performing various operations as, as depositing or transferring funds.

Deuce Club Casino offers customized bonuses to new members

Friday, May 30th, 2014

One of the things that online casinos do best is to offer their customers promotions that are tailor-made to meet their specific expectations. Instead of offering a standard bonus that represents a percentage of the amount deposited, Deuce Club Casino decided to introduce five distinct bonuses. Each of them will be credited to the accounts of eligible players after they deposit funds and they will be triggered in a predetermined succession.

Since the first deposit bonus is the most important one, the initial amount will be matched 100%, with the limit being set at €1500. Players are recommended to try and clear all the wagering requirements before moving on and depositing again. The idea is to turn the funds from bonus money to withdraw-able amounts, because there is always the risk of running out of time and forfeiting the bonus.equipecasino

When they make the second deposit, the limit remains the same but it is important to mention the fact that only 50% of the amount will be matched as a bonus. It goes without saying that there are few players out there with the kind of resources that allow them to deposit €3000 to receive half that as a bonus. The third and fourth deposits are also matched 100%, but their combined amount will exceed €1300.

Basically those who want to get the best bang for their buck are recommended to deposit an insignificant amount just to skip the second stage and take full advantage of the subsequent deposit bonuses. It always gets better down the road with Deuce Club Casino and the best proof is that the final bonus is a remarkable 150% match deposit up to a total of €1500. The reason for why this generous bonus was left for last is so that the most successful players will already have a reasonable amount in their account.

Some might choose to withdraw the funds and then make another deposit to take full advantage of the €1500, a strategy that has many upsides and virtually no shortcoming. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize the fact that those who take advantage of all these bonuses will have a huge amount ready to be used at a nice variety of games. There is also a leaderboard in place that keeps track of the activity of all players and the most successful and perseverant ones are awarded with loyalty points.

Slots Jungle unveils its latest Bonus Offers

Monday, April 7th, 2014

In the second week of April, Slots Jungle members who fancy slots and table games will have their hands full with two distinct promotional codes. Once again, slot games fans will enjoy slightly better terms, as they will have six bonus codes to choose from, as compared to four. The bonus amount they are eligible for is also slightly higher, but this doesn’t mean that table games are not worth pursuing this month.

equipecasinoIn fact, the promotional codes that go by the name of CARDS and run from 1 to 4 can boost of players starting bankroll by as little as 131% or as much as 225%. Depending on how much they’re willing to spend and how high their expectations are, players need to redeem one of these bonus codes and deposit the corresponding amount.

The stakes are considerably higher for slot games, where those who use the TAKE6 promo code will be expected to deposit no less than $750. In exchange of this leap of faith, they will receive 35 free spins while their deposit will be met 400%. The idea of starting with almost $4000 in your Slots Jungle account is definitely alluring, but players need to remember that withdrawals are prohibited before wagering the total amount 30 times.

Having said this, one of the lesser promotional codes ranging from 1 to 5 might be a better choice, especially with the tiniest match deposit standing at 196%. $21 is a small amount that virtually anyone playing online casino games can afford, so the risks are minimal. Playing table games and redeeming one of the aforementioned bonus codes will also trigger a 35 times wagering requirement prior to withdrawing funds to your bank account. Keep in mind that the free spins need to be played right away after claiming the coupon and they will be factored in before the bonus amount can be cleared.

Just as the name suggests, Slots Jungle has a soft spot for those who prefer slot games but they are diligently working in the best interest of table games fans as well. A total of 120 games are currently in their offer and more are added every month, so stay tuned for the latest releases.

The Grammy awards celebrated in style by Casino Titan

Monday, February 10th, 2014

equipeThere are plenty of big events happening this month and now that the Super Bowl has ended and the Grammy had their winners crowned, some people might fear boredom. There is no reason to worry about something like this because Casino Titan combines the best of both worlds and provides its dedicated members with some great opportunities to make money while having fun.

They chose to properly celebrate the Grammy awards and there is no better way of doing it than by throwing some juicy bonuses into the mix, so that players can boost their bankroll effortlessly. Players are encouraged to make subsequent deposits instead of one big amount, due to the fact that each time they make a third deposit within the same day, they will receive a cashback reward worth 100%.

Is there is something a bit odd about this promotion and even frustrating for some players, is that the corresponding amount will be transferred to the winners account automatically. Instead players will need to get in touch with customer support after they meet the requirement, so that these guys can make the transfer themselves. Obviously, there are some bonus codes that players can choose from and this time, Casino Titan made sure that they are as intuitive as they get.

Let’s take the GRAM197 bonus code for example, which triggers a bonus worth 197% the investment and it is easy to understand how this promotion will unfold. There are three more bonus codes that will allow players to increase their deposit twice or three times and a special home code that goes by the name of 300AC15. Those who use it can combine the both of those worlds, as they will receive a 300% bonus to use for slot games and 15 free spins if they deposit at least $150.

Table game players shouldn’t jump to conclusions, because even though this Grammy inspired campaign seems to be aimed exclusively at slot players, they’ve got plenty of codes to choose from. There are three bonus codes for them and they go by the name of ELVIS 1-3 with the first one consisting of a 118% bonus while the latter increasing the amount to 160%. The promotional period is slowly approaching its conclusion, but players still have a couple of days to take advantage and they can redeem the codes as often as they like.

The wagering requirements are very similar, with slot players expected to turn over the complete amount 25 times while expectations are slightly higher for table game players. These guys will need to play-through the bonus and deposit 30 times at their game of choice, but after all, this is the purpose of opening an account with an online casino. Casino Titan has so many appealing titles to choose from that meeting the wagering requirements will be a breeze and the bonus will be cleared before you know it.

Start 2014 with Bonuses and Free Spins at Lucky Red Casino

Monday, January 6th, 2014

equipecasOne way of starting a new year on the right foot is by winning a significant amount at a popular online casino. Lucky Red Casino presents you with this opportunity and at the same time offers bonuses and free spins to those who open an account with them this January. Details about the existing promotion and the best way to capitalize on them are available at

There is a 60% first deposit bonus awarded to those who use the RDLS60TTS promotional code and agree to play exclusively slot games. Furthermore, those who redeem this bonus code will also receive 20 free spins to use at the Three Stooges II slot. The other way of capitalizing on a 60% deposit bonus and just as many free spins is by entering the RDLA60AW code and play Aladdin’s Wishes.

It is hard to pass on such a tempting opportunity, but then again if you are hell-bent on avoiding slot games, you need to consider the RPLA65GREAT bonus code. It is supposed to be used by those who prefer table games and in return they will receive a 65% bonus upon depositing.  There are different terms and conditions that apply to these games but the wagering requirements are the same, as players need to play their bonus through 25 times before cashing out.

The clearing rate for slot games is 100%, which makes them the most convenient solution for those who hope for a quick return on investment. Another thing that players need to keep in mind is that these promo codes don’t last indefinitely and it would be unwise to wait for too long. The free spins are also supposed to be used as soon as they are awarded as they will expire and it would be a shame to let them go to waste