BetVictor kick-starts the Avalon II £5,000 Cash Race

Avalon II is one of the slot games that doesn’t need a comprehensive presentation, because it is based on the tremendous success of his predecessors. The original title had plenty of fans and the fact that it provided them with the opportunity to compete for a progressive jackpot greatly enhanced its appeal. It came as no surprise that the developers decided to advance in the same direction and release a title that builds on the success of the previous installment.Avalon II £5,000 Cash Race

In order to maximize the success of its latest addition and to enhance the number of players who choose to spend time competing over the Internet, BetVictor kick-starts the Avalon II £5,000 Cash Race. The name of this promotion leaves very few doubts about its final purpose, with a four digit amount to be awarded at the end of the campaign. It definitely helps that this is the online casino where the slots was first introduced, because players already got the chance to take a jab at it.

£5,000 is not exactly a lot of money if it has to be divided among several players, but fortunately it won’t be the case here. We will have a single winner for this particular campaign, so this is a classic case of winner takes it all. While there will be a single player claiming the entire amount, there are three distinct ways to get involved in this race and all of them are just as easy to follow. Those who were lucky to hit the winning combination will also need to take a screenshot and provide it to the customer support.

The campaign dedicated to the Avalon II slot game is special to say the least, but it represents just a fraction of the money awarded by BetVictor this summer. All those who open a new account with the aforementioned online casino will get the chance to collect a real cash prize starting at £5 and going all the way up to £3,000. The beauty of this promotion is that everything is completely random, so regardless of the amount invested and wagered players have the same chance to win a prize.

Basically all the games available in both mobile and traditional formats qualify for this campaign, but not all of them have the same conversion ratio. As always, slot games are the ones that will be preferred by those who strive to speed up the process, but table games and the ever popular game of roulette will have its fair share of fans. Points are generated by simply playing the game of choice but also by performing various operations as, as depositing or transferring funds.

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